Available late October 2010 from Tebot Bach

Judith Pacht’s Summer Hunger is nothing less than a superb collection of poems, encompassing wry daily reflections as well as sobering and profound historical meditations. With enormous composure and poise, Judith Pacht is able to move her reader deftly between her elegant wit and calm wisdoms. This collection is an exceptional and memorable achievement.
David St. John, author of Prism, No Heaven, and Hush
Beneath the quiet, polished surfaces of these poems churns a tumult of life experience that is both lyric and public, personal and political. The poems in Summer Hunger dazzle with a formality that barely contains chaos, with humor and wit; like all good poems, they leave us with intriguing questions as well as answers.
Richard Garcia, author of The Persistence of Objects, Rancho Notorious, and The Flying Garcias

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