Escape Wheel
                          heat flooded a day stuffed
                          with macaroons a lake
                          & the clock shop where
                          we weighed beauty & doubt

strangely absent    a habit around
my wrist   it pressed time on me
its absence a reminder of place & sound

from years ago    I remember
how hard it was to set    how
the broken stem always broke my thumbnail

the watch useless for changing time
its escape wheel less steadfast than the bamboo
shoots I count on to remind

my lavender it’s spring    the watch escaped
its own time    another good thing
punctuality always too much a race

for us    once the ratchet wheel stopped
for five    or was it six months
we stopped too    our wheels did not

now I move with the fleeting light
on the Sandias    the alpenglow
so fragile it dissipates to night

in seconds    you have to hurry to see it
& think how quickly Jerry left
erasing    the watchface    the numerals    a habit

strangely gone
                    still breathwarm

©2017 Judith Pacht

©2008 Katherine Williams