The Superior Remote Consolidator
you’re floating naked    utterly stripped

of button clutter    you are the remote

controlling everything    programming everything

the shifty seasons

everybody’s Aunt Edith   you know    Empress of the Napkin Rings

Ruler of How High Water May Be Poured

inside her cut glass goblets

you read parameters

say    of the summer’s puckered drought

collapse days to minutes    or

if it’s hot fudge over ice cream    roll it on your tongue for hours

it won’t melt

you    the Consolidator    reset your parameters

point the remote across the ocean

to Mohammed and Isaac    look!    they’re talking    talking

now turn to page 28

Page 28

The Circulation-Enhancing Travel Socks

will get you where you really want to be:

under ponderosas    breathing piney breaths

over there bees throb

you    a gem-like damsel

float with the dragonflies on Lily Lake    flashing

your iridescent belly    flicking

your impossibly thin needle-legs

skating into summer
©2008 Judith Pacht

©2008 Katherine Williams